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Bavarian Knife Works

BKW Unlimited Steak & Roast Rub, 6 - 7 oz (198 g) Shakers

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Use as a rub or sprinkle to taste on any protein or vegetable. The kings & queens of Bavaria always held the highest standards for the flavor of their meals. They would have competitions in the kingdom for the best spice & rub combinations for steak, brisket, ribs,
chicken, lamb & pork butts. BKW is proud to bring you an new line of award winning spices & rubs inspired by the flavor kings of old Bavaria. Let BKW joust in your kitchen to bring smiles to the people that matter to you

About this item

  • Expertly blended combo of Kosher Salt, Dehydrated Garlic and Onion, Black and Red Pepper, Spices (Including Mustard Seed).
  • There is nothing better than a juicy, seasoned, and succulent steak. While cooking them is easy enough if you know what you're doing, grilling a perfect steak can feel like a daunting task. You need the right cut of meat, the right temperature and the right seasoning to create that perfect steak every time. Well now with this amazing steak and roast seasoning you have it!
  • Our dry rubs are packed in convenient shaker containers so even if your guests can't resist getting messy, your cooking won't be! Once you’ve used Steak and Roast Seasoning and see the way it transforms a steak or roast beef, the idea of ever using anything else will seem crazy.
  • Steak and roast seasoning is a special blend of herbs and spices that can be used on any kind of meat, but the flavor works especially well with steak and roasted vegetables. It’s been developed to bring people together at meal time.
  • Steak and Roast Seasoning is an all-purpose seasoning that's bursting with savory flavor. Transform your ribs, chicken, pork tenderloins, french fries, salmon and more with our versatile rub that's perfect for the grill or oven.
    BKW Unlimited Steak & Roast Rub, 6 - 7 oz (198 g) Shakers - Bavarian Knife Works