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Easter Sale ! - 12 pc Set sale- order today and get a free bonus knife

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News Flash -, a major reviewer of Kitchen Cutlery declares BKW 19 pc set as one of the best sets on the market.  Read the review by clicking the link on the bottom.

Bavarian Knife Works is proud to introduce its new DreamCut Series, for people who love to cook.  The Dreamcut line is made from the highest quality German steel, is perfectly balanced, lightweight, and glides through food effortlessly.  It has beautiful Pakkawood handles and carries a lifetime warranty. These knives have smooth edges and superb hand feel so they feel very comfortable compared to other knives.  They hold their edges extremely well and are quite easy to sharpen yourself.  We feature the “COC” concept.  This means they cut on contact.  The weight of the knife does most of the cutting.  You just steer it. 

Our flagship product is our 12 pc set – Model 423


This set includes the knives shown on the left.

  • 10 inch Chef Knife – For easier slicing, dicing, mincing and cubing. A 10 inch knife gives more leverage making easier cuts.
  • 10 inch Carving Knife – For carving beef, turkey, ham, and other meats
  • 9 inch Offset Bread Knife – This knife is offset so your knuckles don’t hit the cutting board
  • 9 inch Boning Knife - For trimming fat from meat, meat from bone and going around curves.
  • 7 inch Santoku – This knife is the general purpose knife used for slicing, dicing.  The name Santoku means Meat, Fish and Vegetables.   
  • 9 inch Asian Cleaver - This is the rocking-chopper.  Chops vegetables for stir fry, mincing, quick chopping and for food transfer to say a frying pan or sauce pan.  
  • 3.5 inch Paring Knife - for peeling, coring, and fine slicing for Julienne cuts as an example.  
  • Honing Steel - This is for maintaining the sharpness of your blades.  Should be used frequently and at a 20 degree angle.
  • Diamond Steel - Has powdered diamond dust on the surface for occassional sharping when the Honing Steel isn't enough. 
  • Carving Fork - Goes with the Carving knife to make the carving set.  Can hold 20 pounds.  
  • Kitchen Shears - Can cut though bone, lobster/crab shells and general purpose cutting in the kitchen.  
  • 6 steak Knives with a block that attaches to the main set.  

If countertop space or cabinet clearance is an issue, please see our newly added 12 knife in-drawer bamboo block.  It will hold all of the above knives except the fork, the diamond steel and paring which is easy to find space for. You can add that on to your order.  The size is 9.6 inches x 16.6 inches.  

NEWS FLASH ! -  An independent kitchen knife expert by the name of has independently reviewed and tested this 19 pc set and has declared it to be one of the best knife block sets on the market when compared against all the other major brands.  The only two concerns they had was that the 8 inch chef knife was not included in the standard set, and that the block was a bit large for some kitchens.  These two issues have been addressed by the inclusion of the 8 inch chef knife in the set and we now have an optional drawer block for those who are tight on counter space.  You can read the entire extensive review right here:  Bavarian Knife Works 19-Piece Dreamcut Set Review | Nothing But Knives

Please remember to watch our Knife Skills 101 video to learn proper knife handling techniques and how to keep your knives sharp -Knife Skills 101 with Bavarian Knife Works - YouTube 

Check out our new Cutting Boards on our Cutting Boards Page. 


    Easter Sale ! - 12 pc Set sale- order today and get a free bonus knife
    Easter Sale ! - 12 pc Set sale- order today and get a free bonus knife
    Easter Sale ! - 12 pc Set sale- order today and get a free bonus knife
    Easter Sale ! - 12 pc Set sale- order today and get a free bonus knife