Our Story

Bavaria basically is the southeastern third of Germany which includes Munich. Bavaria is known for its many castles and kings that have ruled the area through the centuries. One of these kings was King Ludwig II. He was king from 1845-1886.

He was quite a reclusive king and was known as the “Swan King” or the “Fairy Tale” King. Two years after King Ludwig took the throne, at 19 years old, he was thrust into a war with Austria against Prussia which he lost. It is said that he had a passion for Swords, knives and Castles.

He commissioned many local bladesmiths to come up with the best quality swords so as not to suffer defeat once again. And Bavarian Knife making was born. Ludwig loved Castles. King Ludwig II built many castles as this was his second passion. Of the 7 castles he built his best castle is called “The New Swanstone Castle” or Schloss Neuschwanstein.

He conceived Swanstone Castle when he was a boy. It is a Romanesque fortress with soaring fairy tale towers. It is built on a breathtaking mountain top near Fussen. It is said that Disney Imagineers got their inspiration for the Disney Castle from Swanstone Castle. It is now the most famous castle in the world. Paul Hellman is a design engineer who’s family comes from this area and Paul’s ancestors also shared Paul‘s passion for knife making.

Bavarian Knife Works is a tribute to the true swordsmiths and bladesmiths that supported Bavaria and their King in his wars against the Prussians and his love for true quality and craftmanship. Now you can keep the story alive by owning a Bavarian Knife Works kitchen cutlery set.