Handmade Custom Damascus Steel Knives By Messer werke, Bavaria, Germany

Damascus Steel knives are said to have originated in
Damascus Syria many centuries ago. They are made by taking many layers of high
quality steel and forge (hammer) welding them together in very high heat. As
the layers are forged together they are folded over each other. Once forged,
ground and polished they form a super high quality and very beautiful knife of
unmatched quality. The more layers of steel, the higher quality of the knife.
By quality, we mean edge retention, sharpness and toughness of the blade.

Deep in the heart of Bavaria, the tradition that has
existed since 1400 is being carried on by Luca Disler and Florian Pichler.
These two artisans call themselves Messer Werk (knife makers). Messer Werk hand
forges every knife they make with 360 layers of the highest quality tool steel
and harden them to a hardness of 60-63 hrc.

Each knife is custom made and can come in a variety of
handles and blade shapes. These knives are meant to last and be passed down
from generation to generation. Since each is hand made, no two knives are
exactly the same. Within Europe Messer-Werk is highly
respected in the area of custom knife manufacturing and now BKW brings these
hand made blades of art to America and to your kitchen. Please note that it
takes about 60 days to make one knife so please plan accordingly.

Their work resembles a well rehearsed orchestra, sometimes powerful and always extremely precise. The centuries old tradition of hammering steel to make knives is like a melody made from notes of steel, honed to perfection.

Disler and Pichler are conductors who compose their scores with a hammer and a grinding wheel creating a personal masterpiece for those who insist on nothing less than the best money can buy.